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24 hr service Guarantee

24 hr service Guarantee


We pride ourselves on our excellent service including: attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity.

Elk Point Home Inspections, LLC serves both Texas and New Mexico for your home inspection needs. Diron Hill is a Licensed Professional Home Inspector (TREC #21749 and NM License # HI0197) with several years of experience in construction and home inspections. Diron is also a Certified Professional Inspector through InterNachi (Member # 18032107). He has received his certification as an Infared Thermography Inspector as well as Swimming Pool Inspection Training.

We Have Lowered Our Fees

Beginning May 1st and running through July 31st, 2023, we have lowered our inspection fees to help home buyers protect their investments with a home inspection!

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"Diron did an excellent and very thorough job inspecting our previous house and current house. My wife and I were very satisfied with the report."

Brett Elam

"I am so surprised with the professional attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile, that it was so much less expensive than any other service I could find! I will be highly recommending Diron to everyone I know that may need the service! Thanks!"

Larry Scamp

"We were having trouble getting our builder on the ball. Couldn't even get In touch with him to talk about a construction inspection. Diron went the extra mile to call corporate and get his cell to talk to him. Also super affordable and professional."

Matthew Jones

"We bought a home on a Saturday evening and with a short inspection period of 5 days. Sunday morning, 8 am, I called and spoke with Mr. Hill who had a same day opening that afternoon. He arrived at the time he said he would and his inspection was thorough and concise, making note of the everything. His report was well written and provided excellent photographic detail. He was professional, courteous and easy to speak with. I would highly recommend  Mr. Hill."

Greg Stubbs



An Elk Point home inspection is designed with your interests in mind. Items that you want or need to know about are listed in an orderly and easy to follow report format.  Conditions as well as recommendations are given as each category is addressed.

Listed below you will find some of the home’s components that are reviewed and commented on in the Home Inspection Report.




   •Roof covering, gutters and downspouts

   •Chimney and vents

   •Electrical service and meter box

   •Walls, siding materials, windows and doors

   •Decks, walks, steps, driveway and garage

   •Retaining walls, general lot grading and drainage




   •Attic, roof decking and exhaust fan operation

   •General condition of visible insulation

   •Ceilings, walls, floors, doors and stairs

   •Fireplace hearth and damper door function

   •Bathrooms and laundry

   •Kitchen and its major appliances

   •Basement and foundation walls

   •Electrical main panel box and shutoff

   •Visible electrical distribution wiring

   •Visible plumbing: both supply and waste lines 

   •Faucets and fixtures

   •Water service entry and shutoff

   •Drainage sump pumps 

   •Heating system and heat distribution general condition

   •Water heating system general condition

   •Central cooling system and duct work general condition 

   •Common safety devices which include

              -Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs)

              -Smoke detectors

              -Carbon monoxide detectors


              -Automatic shutoff devices



The items presented above along with others listed in the report will allow you to view the property as a complete picture.  This report will not only serve you during the purchase but can be used for years to come as a guide to maintaining your new home.

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We have a wide variety of services available to our customers to help protect their investments...

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Let Elk Point Home Inspections, LLC Help Make Your Listing Easier to Sell


Buying a home is one of the biggest investments a person will ever make. As a seller, you can help provide prospective home buyers with peace of mind by having your listing professionally inspected by Elk Point Home Inspections LLC. A pre-listing inspection allows you to plan ahead for any repairs or alterations that may affect the selling price. Your buyer will feel more confident about purchasing your home, and the inspection can help avoid pre-closing issues for you and the buyer.


Elk Point Home Inspections, LLC Will Give You Peace of Mind For Your Next Home Purchase


We provide a comprehensive home inspection that covers all major concerns for homebuyers including; Stucture, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, Exterior, Insulation/Ventilation, Cooling/Heating, Interior and Built In Appliances. For an additional fee, we can include Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs and Landscape Irrigation Equipment (Sprinkler Systems). Because we are detailed oriented, our inspections typically take over 3 hours to complete and we will proved you with an easy to read report so that you can address the issues that are imprtant to you.


New Construction Homes Can Have Just As Many (If Not More) Defects


Many items can be over looked and that is where an inspection will give you peace of mind. If you have a 12 month builder's warranty, a full and complete inspection at 11 months would be beneficial to have your builder fix or repair any defects. We find leaks under sinks, improper electrical or loose connections and fixtures, damaged roof shingles, disconnected flues, and one time even an unfinished chimney.


Infrared Thermography Inspections

Infrared thermography (IRT) is the science used to capture and process thermal information using non-contact measurement tools. This is done by analyzing infrared (IR) radiation emitted from an object whose temperature is above absolute zero. Because this wavelength exists outside of the visible spectrum of light, infrared measuring devices are required to capture and process this information.

What Are The benefits?

  • Determine if insulation if lacking or deficient

  • Determine if there are any air-leaks or abnormalities in heat flowing out of a building

  • Determine if there is any moisture intrusion with insulation or other systems (when used with a moisture meter)

  • Determine if electrical systems are overloaded or overheating

  • Determine if there are leaks or defects with the roof

  • Determine defects with the HVAC system

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  • For a General Home Inspection we NOW charge just .15 cents a sqft (with a $300 minimum fee).

  • Additional Fees apply to Lawn Irrigation System, Pool/Hot Tub Inspections and other services.

  • Contact Us for quotes on New Construction Phase Inspections.

  • *For cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled inspection and a new inspection is not booked within 30 days, there will be a 50% charge of the original fee.

  • Easy Online Appointment Requests

    • We will respond immediately and confirm appointment date and time generally within minutes.​

  • Home Inspection Guarantee​

    • We will refund your inspection fee if you are not 100% satisfied!**

**Another inspection of the component in question must be completed by a licensed professional home inspector (Buyer is responsible for the cost of the new inspector) within 3 days of the original home inspection and that home inspector must agree that the deficiency was missed by our company. Standard limitations set forth in our Home Inspection Agreement applies.


Lawn Irrigation (Sprinkler) Inspections
Cost: $50.00 -*up to 12 stations

When properly installed, programmed, and maintained, an irrigation or sprinkler system will help you avoid guesswork when watering your garden or lawn. It’ll also ensure that your property landscape gets the amount of water it needs while conserving time, water, and money. Sprinkler system repairs can be costly so Let us provide you with a quality inspection before you find out too late!

Swimming Pool and Spa Inspections
Cost: Starting at $99.00

We will check the swimming pool and the Spa area for safety concerns. Additionally, we will look for things like tripping hazards, obvious damage or defects related to to pool structure and pool equipment, the condition of walkways around the pool. We will provide you with a detailed report and recommend repairs or further evaluation.

Infrared Thermography Inspection

Cost: * Starts at $99.00

*Cost will depend on size of home and areas inspected.

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​Why Should I Want this Service?

  • Infrared testing provides detailed information about the condition of your home

  • Infrared testing can reveal hidden issues

  • By hiring an inspector who uses infrared technology, you are increasing your chances of getting a superior home inspection 


Hero Discount

We give discounts to Police, Fire, Nurses, Teachers and Military as a way of saying THANK YOU for serving! 

Please mention that you qualify for one of these discounts when asking for a quote.

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Service Guarantee


We are available to you anytime! Even if you sign your contract late at night...use this form to give us some details and we will get back to you first thing the next morning.

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